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Custom AI Development Services

Here are the steps to develop a custom AI powered SmartChat agent to instantly engage visitors, answer common questions, book appointments online and route new leads to your phone, email and CRM.

Discovery Call

Our custom AI development process starts with a discovery call to learn more about your company and lead capture needs.

Define Lead Qualification Questions

Let us know how you qualify your leads so we can develop effective conversation AI to make sure your custom SmartChat agent delivers highly qualified leads.

Define FAQs and Responses

We will work with you to define AI keywords and custom AI responses in a shared Google Sheet. After all keywords are created along with responses, we'll program your SmartChat agent to respond accurately.

Setup Dashboard Users

We'll work with you to setup user credentials to access the SiteGlue Dashboard. Dashboard users can monitor SmartChat conversations, disable AI and have personal two way chat conversations with online visitors.

Setup New Lead Notifications

Let us know who should receive new lead contact information, conversation transcript via email and/or text message.

Staging and Testing

We'll deploy your custom SmartChat Agent to our staging server for for testing SmartChat agent conversation flow, lead qualification questions, SmartChat agent to Live Chat transfer and new lead notifications.

Setup Weekly and Monthly Reporting

Dashboard users can enable weekly and monthly email reports. Reports include unique visitors, SmartChat conversations, SmartChat leads and conversion rate.

Setup Google Analytics Integration

We'll work with you to connect your SmartChat agent analytics to your GA account. Once connected, SiteGlue will create the following GA events: SmartChat Widget Opens, SmartChat Agent Conversations, and SmartChat Agent Leads.

Setup CRM Integration

Using Zapier, we'll work with you to post new leads to your CRM, email marketing program and any app available in Zapier.

Custom AI Development

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